Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Ware Church

Ware Church, Gloucester N37.42252 W76.50742

This is a rectangular church located in Gloucester, Virginia just off Route 14. It was built circa 1710-1715, so it is an typical and well-preserved example of the box-shaped church built soon after Yecomico (1706), so it shows how quickly the Gothic elements were shed. The grove of mature trees as well as the cemetery surrounding highlight the views of the structure.
It is 81' x 41' in length an width with 26' walls that are reported to be over 3' thick with a steep roof (20' pitch). The bricks are widely varied in color with little repointing; in particular note the color changes on the outside chancel wall. The walls are beautifully varied with the contrast between glazed headers and stretchers aesthetically very pleasing. It is one of the few churches with all three doors intact and has the usual Northern Neck/Middle Peninsula pattern of triangular pediments on the south and north with a semicircular pediment on the west. The door pilasters are unusual in having the water table included as a base element. Very pretty! The windows are of great interest; particularly the east windows have a double-sash arrangement that we have not seen before. As in most of the edifices, queen closers and rubbed brick are used at the windows and corners with subtle effect. The round window arches are also pleasingly done.
I need to visit again when someone will let us in as the church was deserted and locked with we visited.

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