Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Yeocomico Church

Yecomico Church N38.06231 W76.59685

This church is an oddity. Built in 1706, it shows a transition from Gothic churches like St. Peter's (below) and St Luke's in Smithfield (Newport Parish). The two earlier churches (1701 and 1680s) have clear Gothic features like buttresses, Flemish or crow-step gables, and casement windows with small diamond panes. (St Luke's original windows were apparently Gothic Y-tracery ones with clear glass panes -- not the stained glass presently in place.)

Yeocomico is a small church, 51' x 26'-27' (different widths at west and east ends). It may have been built as a rectangular church (like St John's, King William County) and later changed to its present T-shape. It has a unique porch on the south with the only wicket door from colonial times (It is reputed to weigh over 1,000 pounds.). There are irregular variations in the brick bond throughout the walls made of bricks, according to the nearby monument, fired in a kiln on the site. The windows are covered by heavy green, wooden, rectangular, rustic shutters (We could not get in the church as no one was on site to open the church for us.) . There are three doors: two on the south and one on the north. The two south doors are marked by fantastic pilasters while the rest of the church has several brick plaques with the initials of the builders, a thistle, and Masonic (?) symbols. It is a small church that just oozes charm: all the more so because it is completely surrounded by a restored churchyard wall containing stately trees. I will visit again and give a more complete report as this site deserves it. is the church foundaton's site: I recommend it for more detailed information. Check http://fredericksburg.com/News/FLS/2006/092006/09302006/225092

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