Sunday, March 18, 2007

St Peter's

Late February 2007
Visited St Peter's Church north of West Point, Virginia N37.54068 W77.05646

St Peter's is a rectangular church with a bell tower: church built in 1706; bell tower in 1740. It is only one of three extant churches with a bell tower. The structure is 64' x 28' for the main church, and is an late example of Virginia Gothic architecture with buttresses and Flemish gables. The tower has a key for St Peter at its zenith and huge quoins at the four corners. The strange protrusions on the south and north side of the tower are drains for the original two-sided tower roof. The windows are casements with diamond panes of clear glass. Note the Gothic-shaped read window, with clear glass, and the brick arch above each window. The surrounding grave yard is of later origin. It is a very peaceful place with groves of fragrant trees surrounding the church and graveyard.