Saturday, March 24, 2007

2nd Southwark Parish

2nd Southwark Parish Site N37.18560 W76.85623

I went by this site for years, not knowing it was there, until a fellow Scout Master from the nearby Pipsico Camp showed it to me while I was working as a councilor for a bicycling and colonial history program there.

It consists of a set of fences to the north of Route 618, a concrete monument, and the outlines of the presumably wooden church there.
In summer, even knowing where it is. it is easy to drive right past it. If you are looking for it, I recommend a GPS


Anonymous said...

The identificatin of this church is in error. The location described was not in Lawne's Creek Parish, it was in Southwarke Parish. This may have been the old Southwarke church site, but not the second Lawnes Creek Parish church. The picture shown is too late to be a 17th century church. St. Luke's or the old Jamestowne church (without their belltowers) would be more like it.

Kallicrates said...

Thanks for the correction. Mason (1045) and a roadside marker give a date of circa 1673 for this church. Is this verifiable?