Monday, May 5, 2008

St. John's, King William Interior

Here are some shots of the inside of the church. Why didn't I take more? The recent restoration has added a new reredos (chancel backpiece between the two east windows) that, unlike the one Rawling's cites (1963) is appropriate for the size of the room and window interstice. The only jarring note are the turnbuckles used to support the walls from north to south. Colonial parishioners preferred the wide space -- according to Upton (1995) these may have been the only buildings of such size that most colonial parishioners saw.

The font pedestal is from a nearby parish, Acquintin Parish, and was placed there in 1978. It is of yellow sandstone and similar to pedestals common in the Eighteenth Century (Upton 145).

Also in the north wing is an Eighteenth Century Bible, King Jame's Edition.

Note the rough plaster on the ceiling: is this an original feature?

Pardon me for nitpicking as this is a noble and loving restoration.

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